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Global Journal of wellness Policy and Management (IJHPM)


Overseas Journal of wellness Policy and Management (IJHPM) is a global and multidisciplinary journal that is peer-reviewed considers any original share improving or shedding lights on health policy research and practice, or supplying proof about developing, applying, and analysing wellness policies. IJHPM is supposed to boost interaction among wellness system scientists, policy and decision-makers, legislators, specialists, and professionals. IJHPM posts diverse kinds of articles. Various types of articles are susceptible to peer-review. The log posts listed here forms of share:

IJHPM Article Kinds:


Editorials would be the message for the IJHPM and tend to be written in-house because of the log’s Editorial Board users. Editorials are ideally only 2000 terms. These offer state associated with art conversations in the IJHPM scopes that are main. an abstract that is unstructured needed for these kinds of articles.


These articles current views or conversations ( by having a message that is clear concerning a problem of wellness policy and administration interest without any a lot more than 2000 terms. an abstract that is unstructured needed.

Review Article

These articles consist of Systematic Review, Meta-analysis, Systematic Reviews and Meta-analysis, Meta-Synthesis, Scoping Review, Literature Review, and Narrative Review. These articles might be as much as 7000 terms excluding abstract, tables, and recommendations. Exclusion and inclusion criteria for studies should really be described in a flow diagram. The particular kind of research or analysis, intervention, populace, visibility, results or tests ought to be described for each repository or article. Writers are to obviously cover the after topics in the strategy part: search strategy and selection requirements, information removal, quality assessment, and information analysis. an abstract that is structured necessary that will include: Background; Methods and research; Discussion; Registry and number (if the protocol among these articles was indeed registered in a registry system).

Of these articles writers need certainly to finish and can include A prisma-p list (please think it is from right right here ) and upload as a supplementary file. Authors must be sure that most points are included and state web page figures where each product can be seen.

Learn Protocol

IJHPM welcomes research protocols for almost any scholarly research design. We will maybe maybe maybe not think about the manuscript in the event that information collection is complete. Protocols for studies that may need ethical approval, such as for example trials, won’t be considered without getting the approval. By posting your research protocol at the IJHPM, you aren’t dedicated to submit subsequent reports associated with the research to IJHPM, although we do welcome such submissions.

Learn protocols should really be maximum 5000 terms (excluding abstract, numbers, tables, and recommendations) and cover the components that are following

  • Abstract: this would be organized with all the sections that are following. Background; Methods and research; Discussion; Registry and quantity (in the event that protocol was indeed registered in a registry system).
  • Back ground: give an explanation for rationale for the scholarly research together with space into the literary works it might probably fill.
  • Methods and Analysis: provide an intensive description regarding the research design, including test selection; interventions become calculated; the sample size calculation; procedures, dimensions and analytical practices; an information analysis plan.
  • Discussion: discuss how a techniques and data will meet up with the study aims.

We suggest to join up the protocol in PROSPERO . This is why the review procedure of these articles faster because they have previously passed away an evaluation procedure.

Original Essay

These articles needs to be of primary research, methodologically accurate, and strongly related worldwide wellness policy and administration. They need to include a maximum of 7000 terms excluding organized abstract, tables, and recommendations. Each manuscript should plainly state a goal or theory; the style of research and methodology (including research environment, clients or individuals, addition and exclusion requirements, sampling and repository); information analysis and interpretations; the primary link between the research, talking about the outcomes; handling research restrictions while the summary. For several original essays, an organized abstract is required (please see instructions for organizing Abstracts ). Based on the Knowledge Translation motions, IJHPM has used an effort in which all original essays are required to have Key communications under two split headings particularly: Implications for Policy Makers and Implications for Public (please see directions for planning Key communications ). Just articles that are original Key Messages.

Short Communication

Quick communications are brief articles (mini original articles) that present original and essential initial findings which do not justify publication as an article that is full-length continue to be worth book. Brief communications needs to have an un-structured abstract and really should maybe maybe perhaps not be much more than 4000 words references that are including as much as three tables or numbers. The primary text should be sub-divided into history, practices, results, and conversation, but should always be written as concisely as you possibly can. These articles do not need key messages to maintain brevity.


These articles are invited in chosen IJHPM magazines primarily from leading scholars on the go. Writers of this lead article and editors decide whom to ask. These kinds of articles should not be significantly more than 2000 terms including optimum 2 numbers or tables by having an unstructured abstract.


These articles are primarily written in a reaction to posted commentaries by writers whoever articles have now been susceptible to commentaries. These kind of articles should not surpass 1000 terms including optimum 1 dining dining table or figure, sources while the primary text. No abstract is needed for those articles.

Letter to Editor

We welcome quick letters with subjects of great interest into the IJHPM readership These letters must not go beyond 700 terms including just one dining dining table or figure, references therefore the primary text. No abstract is needed of these articles.

Please place the kind of your manuscript together with the Title Page and principal Manuscript.